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Operation Attleboro II, Dau Tieng Airstrip, Vietnam, 11/06/1966 - 11/09/1966

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Operation Attleboro II, Dau Tieng Airstrip, Vietnam, 11/06/1966 - 11/09/1966

Published November 6, 1966

"Coverage of C-123's of the 19th and 309th Air Commando Sq supporting Attleboro II by carrying supplies into a Special Forces Camp with small airstrip. Shows offloading operations, ground air controllers mobile team setup, direct air support by O-1E FAC (Forward Air Controller) pilots to the Big Red One Army units, A-1E, F-100 and F-5 air strikes, helicopter crash and USA UH-1D airlifting injured. Other aircraft shown are: C-123B, CV-2 and OH-13. (Shot list to follow.)

Reel 1, 813': Scenes of C-123B taxiing in, USA men of 1st Inf offloading and stacking boxes of ammo -- USAF captain observing (Dau Tieng).
97' Blank AND EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-154, 155 and 158.
121' AV's of jungle lowland, pock-marked ground, Tay Ninh mountain, base camp, artillery, suspected VC positions and USA UH-1's in flight -- intercut with AMCU looking over O-1E pilot's shoulder as aircraft comes in for landing at Dau Tieng.
419' EDITOR's SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-163.
423' MS's & CU of USAF ground air controllers at mike, on radio and Maj Kaiser sitting in jeep checking paperwork as UH-1's land in background.
460' Scenes of USA troops with field gear walking past cameras as UH-1D's and UH-1B's fly over.
500' MS of USA CV-2, with radar nose, taxiing by and C-123B on landing roll at Dau Tieng.
521' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-164.
523' AV's from rear cargo door of Dau Tieng airstrip and from C-123 cockpit during approach and landing.
572' MS's of USA CV-2 -- pan past stacked ammo to C-123B engine running. Also shows fuel drums and USA UH-1's as seen from C-123B cargo door.
621' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-166.
625' AELS's of F-100's making incendiary CBU passes -- bomblets bursting, low pass over jungle and dropping napalm -- shows impact.
704' AV's RV of C-1E pilot during flight and checking map.
724' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL R30C-7F-167.
727' ALS's of VC position and hut on river by Tay Ninh and Dau Tieng Airstrip showing C-123B, USA CV-2 and resupplies.
761' AELS of C-123B taking off from Dau Tieng.
784' AV's from backseat of O-1E during approach and landing at Dau Tieng.

Reel 2, 703': LS of USA UH-1D taking off to left from field landing zone.
18' Scenes of USA 1st Inf Div personnel directing air strike info to FAC pilots and artillery operators at foxhole tent on field phone -- shows two of the men eating C-rations, and map of combat area.
97' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R33C-7F-170.
99' LS's of UH-1D's, UH-1B's and C-123B's taking off, USA troops walking past camera, UH-1's landing -- troops getting off and walking away as helicopters fly overhead and USA CV-2, with radar nose, on landing roll.
198' EDITOR'S SLATE: R30C-7F-190.
201' ALS & AMLS of O-1E in flight to left.
224' AELS's of F-100's dropping napalms, 500-lb bombs and strafing pass on VC concentration in jungle area -- shows burst and smoke rising form napalms.
281' ACU's over pilot's shoulder of him checking map.
300' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-191.
304' LS's of sunset at Dau Tieng -- USA UH-1's running up, C-123B taking off to right -- USA troops in foreground; USA CV-2 with radar nose flyover, and two C-123B's landing at Dau Tieng.
349' AV's from back seat of O-1E during takeoff from Dau Tieng, pass over airstrip, and back of pilot during flight.
398' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-192.
399' AV's from rear of C-123 cargo door during takeoff from Dau Tieng, including sequence of pilot and copilot at controls.
493' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-911.
497' AELS of A-1E and F-100 dropping ordnance -- shows explosions in jungle areas.
575' ACU FV of Capt Templin's face.
578' ACU's of smoke grenades and grease pencil markings of target on windshield of O-1E.
596' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-918.
599' AELS's of F-5's dropping ordnance in jungle area -- shows napalm burst, CBU drop and smoking target area. Also RV of O-1E pilot and grease pencil markings of targets on windshield of aircraft.

Reel 3, 669': LS's & MS of USA UH-1D landing at Army Command Post landing zone -- shows C-rations being offloaded and helicopter taking off.
39' Scenes of C-rations being carried and stacked near landing zone and men of 1st Inf Div eating rations.
74' LS & ELS of smoke rising from napalm and GP bomb explosions and F-100 strike pass.
101' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-174, PT 1.
104' LS & MS's of USA troops with field gear walking past camera.
143' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL R30C-7F-174, PT 2.
146' MS's of C-123B engine running, artillery shells being offloaded and moved to stack by forklift.
242' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-181.
252' MS of C-123B taxiing by to right.
262' Scenes of USAF ground air control team operating from a jeep.
357' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-181A.
361' Scenes showing C-123B taxiing in, engine still running, USA truck backing up to aircraft and pulling out generator.
446' LS's & MS camouflaged C-130B on landing approach, landing and taxiing in at Dau Tieng.
463' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-182 and 183.
466' Scenes of Army helicopter crash at Dau Tieng, showing fire fighting crew spraying fire, remains of crew being put into plastic sheet and carried out on stretcher.

Reel 4, 400': Sequence showing helicopter crash and building nearby burning, dead body being carried away by MP's.
101' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL R30C-7F-186.
103' Scenes of USA troops with field gear walking past camera, OH-13 taking off -- USA men in crouched positions in foreground, C-123B taking off to left and two C-123B's landing singly.
164' CU's faces of several 1st Inf Div men while waiting.
203' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-187.
206' LS of C-123B taking off to left.
218' Scenes of injured being removed from USA field ambulance and placed into USA UH-1D with Red Cross on it -- shows helicopter taking off.
244' Scenes of UH-1D flight crew and instrument panel during flight.
284' Scenes of helicopter backwash blowing tall grass during landing and takeoff, and men offloading jerry cans.
302' EDITOR'S SLATE: ROLL: R30C-7F-194.
304' AELS's of F-100's delivering napalms and GP bombs on triangle-shaped wooded area -- one tunnel and trenches destroyed, and cave entrance opened."

National Archives Identifier 70216

As always, any error or typo is mine and if you enjoy my uploads or if you intend to make $ or otherwise profit from these files, please consider making a donation to a veteran's charity of your choice and/or itself. Thanks.

Run time 72 minutes 56 seconds
Producer United States. Air Force
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


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